Where You Go Is Not Who You'll Be

Where You Go is Not Who You'll Be

by Frank Bruni
General Non-fiction
Grand Central Publishing
Hardcover, 224 pages

Our eldest grandson has turned 17 and his eyes are turning toward his college years. What school does he want? Which school will want him? These questions seem to have become the basis of an existential crisis for modern American families. Frank Bruni, a columnist for the New York Times, has served up something of an antidote. He debunks, with statistical support, the notion that one’s success is directly related to the pedigree of the school attended. What really counts is the student’s attitude, effort, and achievement in and out of the classroom at whatever institution is attended. Bruni also indicts the elite colleges for their efforts to cynically inflate their desirability and accessibility by “ginning up desire in order to frustrate it.” We’d like to see our grandson choose a place with an interesting mix of serious students taught by engaged and gifted teaching professors. This book is a breath of fresh air.