Upcoming Events

Book Reading & Discussion with Thomas Peacock and Teresa Peterson

Jul 23 2019 - 5:00pm to 7:00pm

July 23rd, 5-7pm
at the Bayfield Carnegie Library

Join us for a conversation with authors Teresa Peterson and Thomas Peacock. Teresa's book, Grasshopper Girl is a book about storytelling. Grasshopper Girl learns character lessons from Unktomi, the Dakota Trickster. Tom's book The Forever Sky is about two Ojibwe boys who are missing their Nooko (grandmother). This story is about the Ojibwe sky, grieving and the afterlife. Both of these books offer beautiful lessons for their young readers.

This event is open to the public (all ages!) and we will have copies of both of these titles available for purchase. We hope to see you there!

Book Reading & Discussion with J. Ryan Stradal

Sep 19 2019 - 5:00pm to 7:00pm

Join us for a couple of delicious beers and a lively discussion of J. Ryan Stradal's second novel, The Lager Queen of Minnesota.

About the book: Edith Magnusson's rhubarb pies are famous in the Twin Cities--they were named the third-best in the state of Minnesota and St. Anthony-Waterside Nursing Home has quickly becomes the hottest dinner ticket in town. Still, she lays awake wondering how her life might have been different if her father hadn't left their family farm to her sister Helen, a decision that split their family in two. With the proceeds from the farm, her sister, Helen Blotz, built her husband Orval's family soda business into the top selling brewery in Minnesota. She singlehandedly created the light beer revolution and made their corporate motto ubiquitous: "Drink lots, it's Blotz." But Helen dismisses IPAs as a fad, and the Blotz fortune begins its inevitable decline. Soon, though, she finds a potential savior that's surprisingly close to home. Diana Winter earns a shot at learning the beer business from the ground up just as the IPA revolution begins. The stakes couldn't be higher: just as she's launching her own brewpub, she's due to deliver a baby girl. When the unthinkable happens, it's up to Grandma Edith--and a delightfully surprising cadre of grandmother friends--to secure the next generation's chances for a better future. Can Grandma Edith's Rhubarb Pie In A Bottle Ale save Diana's fledgling brewery, and change their hearts and fortunes forever? The Lager Queen of Minnesota serves up a cast of lovable, quintessentially Midwestern characters eager to make their mark in a world that's often stacked against them. In this deeply affecting, humorous, emotional family saga, resolution can take generations, but when it finally comes, we're surprised, moved, and delighted.

About the author: J. Ryan Stradal is a contributing editor at TASTE Magazine. His bestselling debut, Kitchens of the Great Midwest, won the 2016 American Booksellers Association Indie's Choice Award for Adult Debut Book of the Year and also the 2016 Midwest Booksellers Choice Award for debut fiction. Born and raised in Minnesota, he now lives in Los Angeles.