Wilderness Warrior

wilderness warrior cover image Wilderness Warrior

by Douglas Brinkley
Harper Perennial
Paperback, 960 pages

I so declare it! And so it was that over 230 million acres of America’s forests, wild lands and waters, and the wildlife that called them home, were protected from development and desecration by the mere scratch of a quill. Since boyhood, Theodore Roosevelt (only people who didn’t know him well called him Teddy) had been enthralled with the natural world, becoming a prodigious collector and taxidermist and starting a wildlife museum before he was even a teenager. A sickly child, he was advised to live quietly and protect his heart. To the contrary (and a contrarian he was), he plunged headfirst into his life with boisterous spirit and intense vitality, gathering a host of fervent and loyal admirers and equally impassioned enemies along the way. Through his own personal experience, he was captivated by the healing and strengthening power of the wilderness and believed deeply that it was the very essence of democracy to ensure that every American could experience this connection with the magnificent natural legacy contained within America and her territories. He was literally disgusted with the greed, corruption and petty short-sighted profiteering of his fellow man and committed his life to fighting the forces of destruction and protecting America’s treasure for future generations. In The Wilderness Warrior, Douglas Brinkley tells this captivating story of an extraordinary and complex man, his compatriots and how together they accomplished the impossible. A terrific book!