Whose Body

whose body cover image Whose Body?

by Dorothy L. Sayers
Dover Publication
Paperback, 144 pages

“My detective story begins brightly, with a fat lady found dead in her bath with nothing on but her pince-nez. Now, why did she wear pince-nez in her bath? If you can guess, you will be in a position to lay hands upon the murderer.” So wrote Dorothy Sayers about this book that introduced Lord Peter Wimsey to the murder mystery reading public in 1923. What a character! Sayers produced an incredible oeuvre built around Wimsey. He was a renaissance man’s renaissance man who solved mysteries for his own amusement. That is, when he wasn’t playing cricket for Oxford, playing classical piano, holding forth on fine wine, and collecting incunabula (you could look it up!). This is a tight, droll story written with the charm of early 20th Century British wit as are the remainder of the volumes in this delightful series.