Where Men Win Glory

where men win glory cover imageWhere Men Win Glory

Jon Krakauer
Non Fiction
Doubleday, 2009
Paperback - 480 pages

Immediately after 9/11, Pat Tillman took a pass on a $3.6 million deal to play pro football with the Arizona Cardinals. Instead he and his brother enlisted in the Army Rangers to fight in Iraq. After being redeployed to Afghanistan he was killed in an unusual “friendly fire” incident. Krakauer relates with precision and grace the story of how the government cynically attempted to recast the event in heroic terms rather than tell the truth of the matter. The book goes well beyond the tragic occurrence itself and goes deeply into the personal lives of Tillman himself as well as his family and fellow soldiers. Those who have enjoyed others of the Krakauer oeuvre – Into Thin Air, Under the Banner of Heaven, and Eiger Dreams – will find this book enormously satisfying.