The View From the Creek: Notes from Lake Superior's Ojibwe Country

view from the creek cover imageThe View From the Creek

Howard Paap
Local Interest
North Star Press
Paperback, 256 pages

Howard, who lives here in Bayfield and Red Cliff, brought by a boxful of his new book the other day. We had been eagerly waiting for it to wend its way through the publishing wilderness and, at last, here it was! We sat down immediately to read it and it "set us to thinking". How does this erudite, ex-academic manage to tell us the same story of our life and people here over and over again each time in a magically fresh and compelling way? The answer is that he lives and breathes the Northwoods and has become one with it. In over one hundred brief essays, Paap catches exactly the several interwoven currents that make up our local culture - the town and reservation alike. His views from the creek "set him to thinking" and his observations "set us to thinking," too.