Things That Are

things that are cover image Things That Are

Amy Leach
Reflections on Nature
Milkweed Editions
Hardcover, 192 pages

So, what shelf do we put this one on?  Humor? Science? Poetry? Nature? Essays? General Non-fiction? Fantasy? We should probably get seven copies and put one in each. Leach’s range is cosmic – from tiny warblers weighing a third of an ounce to the Pinwheel Galaxy twenty-two million light years away; from thirteen billion years into the past to the year 3,000,2012 in the future. This is an absolutely original, totally idiosyncratic book. We have not read anything quite like it. It is mainly in the realm of the biological sciences, but, as David Abram puts it, it is "Loopy, mad-hatterish, infernally addictive writing that makes you sneeze.” Yup!