Of Thee I Sing; A Letter to My Daughters

Of Thee I Sing cover image Of Thee I Sing; A Letter to My Daughters

Barack Obama
Illustrated by Loren Long
Knopf Books, 2010
Hardcover - 40 pages

Loren Long has been one of our favorite illustrators of children’s books beginning with his early Slugger series and through his recent Otis. It was a thrill to learn that he had collaborated with then Senator Barack Obama in a new children’s book. Released recently, neither the illustrations nor the text disappoint. On the contrary, they are splendid! Flowing from the opening question from the President to his daughters Sasha and Malia – “Have I told you?” – is a letter posing a series of questions each highlighting the life and contributions of a notable American. With each question more and more children join the girls to hear of the special gifts and talents of figures from George Washington to Georgia O’Keefe and from Helen Keller to Jackie Robinson. The evocative text merges precisely with the sensational illustrations. A treasure!