Steve Jobs

steve jobs cover imageSteve Jobs

Walter Isaacson
People & Profiles
Simon & Schuster
Hardcover, 656 pages

Steve Jobs died just last October 5th and yet his definitive biography is already in our hands! Walter Isaacson, whose previous biographies have included Albert Einstein and Benjamin Franklin, has done a masterful job of not only bringing us Mr. Jobs's life, but bringing to life the whole trajectory of the tech revolution from the 80's until now. It is beyond dispute that Jobs will be seen as the protean genius of his generation of technology innovators - Bill Gates notwithstanding. Hardware, software, marketing, merchandising, music, movies - whatever, he got it just right. Isaacson had Jobs's imprimatur for the book and had access to both the subject and his family, friends and colleagues even at the difficult time as death neared. Jobs, to his enormous credit, gave Isaacson free rein to present him warts and all - and many warts there were! But, this was a great man and Isaacson does him considerable, well-deserved justice.