The Power of Latino Leadership

power of latino leadership cover image The Power of Latino Leadership

by Juana Bordas
General Non-Fiction
Berrett-Koehler Publishers
Paperback, 240 pages

By 2050, one in three Americans will be Hispanic/Latino!  One in three! That will cause a sea change in the socio-economic landscape of our once predominately Anglo land. Ray Suarez of NPR says this book “decodes” this new America and its changing workforce demographics. We agree. Bordas tells this story through the voices of nine diverse and outstanding Latino leaders ranging from Dolores Huerta, a founder of the United Farm Workers, to Julian Castro, the mayor of San Antonio and a rising, young political star on the national scene. But, most compelling is Ms. Bordas’ own voice and experience. Her birth in the jungles of Northeastern Nicaragua; her arrival in Florida aboard (literally) a banana boat; her early schooling as a non-English-speaking pupil; her assimilation in a sorority at the University of Florida; and, her “re-assimilation” during a Peace Corps stint in the barrios of Santiago, Chile, gives her the chops to plow this heretofore fallow terrain. Her book is intelligent and accessible and her prose has a jaunty elegance sprinkled with the linguistic spices of her native language.