Parnassus on Wheels

parnassus on wheels cover image Parnassus on Wheels

by Christopher Morley
General Fiction
The Modern Library
Paperback, 204 pages

In 1917 William Morley anticipated the bookmobiles of today! In this short and charming novel Roger Mifflin, a squat, balding, red-bearded man, plies his trade as an itinerant bookseller from a horse-drawn cart called Parnassus. Seeming to have had about enough of it, he seeks to offer it for sale to a farmer-turned-author who lives in isolation with his sister. Instead, the sister (old and fat by her own reckoning) and seeking escape from the drudgery of her lonely life, preemptively buys the Parnassus herself and sets out with Roger to learn the trade. What follows is a sweet tale of love and marriage bound together by a love of books.