The Neruda Case

neruda case cover image The Neruda Case

Roberto Ampuero
General Fiction
Hardcover, 352 pages

Cayetano Brule is a Cuban exile living in Chile and trying to make it as a private detective. Pablo Neruda takes him on to track down a former lover. The setting is September 1973 during the time of the Pinochet coup and near the end of Neruda's life. We knew this book would be something special when, at the get-go, Neruda hands him a stack of Georges Simenon novels to use to sharpen his investigative technique. Roberto Ampuero is an internationally bestselling, award-winning author. He has published twelve novels in Spanish, and his works have been translated around the world. The Neruda Case is his first novel published in English. Born in Chile, Ampuero is a professor of creative writing at the University of Iowa and currently serves as Chile's ambassador to Mexico. He lives in Mexico City and Iowa City.