Murder Below Montparnasse

murder below montparnasse cover image Murder Below Montparnasse

by Cara Black
Sogo Crime
Paperback, 352 pages

Cara Black has written thirteen murder mysteries over the years, all set in Paris. Her heroine, private investigator Aimee Leduc , is a sassy, brash, smart, and sexy sleuth, who always figures out who did it. Aimee has a penchant for vintage fashion labels which she combines with the right shoes and hand bag to be perfectly dressed for whatever occasion; like an autopsy, or a shoot out. All of the titles of her books have a Paris connection and often Aimee acts like a tour guide as she wanders a maze of streets, alleys and boulevards searching for clues to solve the latest murder mystery. Her newest book, Murder Below Montparnasse is no exception as Aimee attempts to solve the murders that happen after the discovery of a piece of art missing for decades. If you like the romantic allure of Paris, enjoy a complex plot with lots of surprises, enjoy good food and wine, then this is the series for you.