Mrs. Poe

mrs poe cover image Mrs. Poe

by Lynn Cullen
General Fiction
Gallery Books
Hardcover, 336 pages

It's 1845. The Raven has just been published and is widely adored. Frances Osgood is a struggling poet and has just been rejected by her publisher again. He tells her to come up with something similar to Poe's writing, but for women. She is skeptical. Frances then has the opportunity to meet Mr. Poe. She certainly didn't mean to fall in love with this man. She was married to a philandering husband and he to his first cousin half his age. Over two years we experience this troubled relationship with them. The characters and the relationships in this novel are more complex than one would imagine. This novel, which most certainly fiction, is well researched and we learn a lot about Edgar Allen Poe (known to his wife as Eddie). A very well written, entertaining read.