The Magic of Reality

magic of reality cover image The Magic of Reality

by Richard Dawkins
Science, Mind, & Matter
Free Press
Paperback, 272 pages

We think Richard Dawkins gets a bad rap for his supposed “belligerent attacks” on religion and his alleged “aggressive atheism,”  That has not been our experience of him over the years from The Selfish Gene to The Greatest Show on Earth. His work has  been thoughtful and sober and reflective of his deep belief in the primacy of evidence-based inquiry as opposed to myth, superstition, magic and the “miraculous.” This little book takes his perspective down to the young adult level and explains things like evolution, the cosmos, the rainbow, and seismology in easily understood terms. The science-challenged adult would profit as well. His point, of course, is to drive home the notion that skepticism and rigor underlie the path to knowing, as best we can, what is true.