loon cover imageLoon

by Susan Vande Griek
Groundwood Books
Hardcover - 48 pages

The haunting call of a loon piercing the stillness captivates anyone who has ever heard it.  This gorgeously designed and illustrated book is the story of two loon chicks who hatch in June.  We follow their life and antics until, finally as adults, they make their way north to a distant, deep, fishing lake, find a mate and start a new generation.  One reviewer said it best, “[t]his is both a book about birds...the common loon whose plaintive call brings joy and peace to many who live on, or near, the lakes where they raise their young.  It is also a book of art...beautifully rendered details in acrylic on canvas, lending depth and texture to the world of the loon. We see that world from the loon's perspective, from a distance, up close, and even into the watery depths. It is a celebration of all that we can see and learn when we take time to wonder about the mysteries of nature.”  One of our favorite children’s books!