Lizard Radio

lizard radio cover image Lizard Radio

by Pat Schmatz
Middle Reader
Hardcover, 288 pages

Lizard Radio is a frequency that only Kivali can hear and that makes her special. Kivali nicknamed Lizard is fifteen and being sent to CropCamp to learn and conform to society before she reaches adulthood. She's a bender, someone who doesn't fit neatly into a category of gender. The camp is strict and you must follow the rules or be expelled from society.

Lizard Radio is young adult dystopian fiction of the most intelligent kind. When you begin the book the reader and narrator have all sorts of questions which are intelligently answered slowly as the book progresses. There is a unique form to the language in the book and the uses of certain words make you think of what the author is trying to say. Schmatz is an excellent writer who paints a creative world with her words. The writing is poetic, lyrical, and picturesque.