Laughing Boy

laughing boy cover image Laughing Boy

Oliver Lafarge
Native American Fiction
Mariner Books; Reprint edition
Paperback, 208 pages

We are a new bookstore – a store that sells new rather than used books. That does not mean that we are a recent bookstore. In fact most of our inventory is dated and classic. Like most serious readers, we like to look back and often go back. Jim Harrison said, “Most of us read Laughing Boy when we were young…” We read this sweetly tragic Navajo love story fifty years ago – some thirty years after it had been awarded the Pulitzer Prize. Having read it again now, it is not surprising that it has stayed close to our heart. It is simple, poetic and uncompromising. The description of Navajo life in the early years of the 20th Century, as white “civilization” accelerated its stranglehold on the Southwest, is rich, nuanced and damning. A classic!