The Keillor Reader

Keillor Reader cover image The Keillor Reader

by Garrison Keillor
Viking Adult
Hardcover, 400 pages

“Aunt Flo would sit down by my mother and she’d give us the dirt that the local paper couldn’t report. We enjoyed hearing these things. We were good Christian people and we believed in forgiveness but meanwhile we liked to know exactly what it was we were forgiving them for.” That’s a dose of vintage Garrison Keillor! This paragon of “Minnesota Nice” captivates us again with his folksy descriptions of people (maybe us!) facing the hardships and boredoms of everyday life in these parts. Some of it is just odd-ball stuff like the boy’s failed attempt to scatter his grandmother’s remains by putting them inside a hollowed-out bowling ball and then dropping them from a great height via para sail. But, it’s all funny – or, at least, amusing!