Good Food Revolution

good food revolution cover image Good Food Revolution

Will Allen
Sustainable Living
Gotham (May 10, 2012)
Hardcover - 272 pages

Those of us who are fortunate enough to live in the Chequamegon Bay area know what it is to have fresh and local foods accessible to us year round. But, many of us also come from larger cities where super-sized, warehouse like grocery stores are the closest thing to a garden. This book is an inspiration to anyone interested in urban farming.

Will Allen - the son of a sharecropper, former NBA star and KFC Executive - has made it his mission in life to help people in urban areas start their own farms and eat healthy. Allen started right on the north side of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and is continuing to educate people all over the country. Former President Clinton feels very strongly about this book, "As the champion of a new and promising movement, Allen is skillfully leading Americans to face one of our greatest domestic issues - our health."