The Goldfinch

goldfinch cover image The Goldfinch

by Donna Tartt
General Fiction
Little Brown & Co.
Hardcover, 784 pages

We love an author who takes time and care to perfect her art. Donna Tartt roared onto the literary scene in 1992 with her internationally bestselling psychological thriller The Secret History. While her plot and characters were compelling, elegantly drawn and deeply textured, it was her absolutely stunning use of the English language that thrilled many readers. An agonizingly long 11 years later she published her second novel, The Little Friend, which turned out to be a disappointment to many. Quel dommage! How could this happen to such a gifted writer? Now, ten years later, Tartt has brought us The Goldfinch.  With great relief, we can say that the Donna Tartt, who wrote The Secret History, has been returned to earth by the aliens who had abducted her. Described by many as Dickensian, The Goldfinch is a masterful, sprawling, character-driven drama. Tartt’s uncanny ability with language is evident throughout in her settings, descriptions, characters and insights. She manages to make even the most mundane activities interesting and alive in the reader’s mind. We are happy to wait as long as it takes for her next book!