Farmstead Chef

farmstead chef cover image Farmstead Chef

John Ivanko & Lisa Kivirist
New Society Publishers
Paperback - 256 pages

This is so much more than a cookbook. This is the story of how Wisconsin B&B owners John Ivanko and Lisa Kivirist left the corporate world behind them to embrace organic gardening, cooking, and running a sustainable business. As you read their stories, you might start to think, "Hey, I could do that!" Of course, not many of us are in the position to manage chickens, an off-the-grid power system, herb gardens, and of course daily guests. Filled with mouth watering recipes you will definitely learn to appreciate the beauty of creating food from your own bounty - it truly does taste better when you grew it yourself. Bill McKibben, author of Eaarth and The End of Nature may have put it best, "We need to view food as something important again, worth taking the time to seek out and to cook. I'm eager to try the recipes in Farmstead Chef - they promise a taste at once refreshing and deeply hopeful."