A Farewell to Arms

farewell to arms cover image A Farewell to Arms

by Ernest Hemingway
General Fiction
Paperback, 332 pages

One would like to have never read this book so that it could be read for the first time now. That, of course, cannot be. But, this volume brings a new and fascinating dimension not only to this book, but to Hemingway’s work as a whole. What it brings is not only the classic ending, but something like 47 alternative endings that Hemingway wrote and considered before settling upon his final draft. These were drawn from the Hemingway archive by his grandson, Sean Hemingway, who provides an introduction to the Hemingway Library Edition. It’s a lens into Hemingway’s craft and creative processes and into the evolution of one of great novels of the 20th Century. If you read A Farewell to Arms ten, twenty or fifty years ago, you will enjoy reading it again in the light of this intriguing new material. We still like the original ending!