Detroit Hustle: A Memoir of Love, Life, and Home

detroit hustle cover image Detroit Hustle: A Memoir of Love, Life, and Home

Amy Haimerl
Running Press
Hardcover, 272 pages

COMING IN MAY 2016! Who would want to move to Detroit? A bankrupt city with an infrastructure on the verge of total collapse and thousands of abandoned homes? That is exactly what Amy and her husband Karl decided to do in 2013 by purchasing a completely trashed, foreclosed, 1914 Georgian Revival home for $35,000. Quite a change from a comfortable life in the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. This is not just a story about turning an empty shell of a house into a home, it also tells the struggle to bring new life back to a neighborhood where those who stayed are demoralized and suspicious of these “new” people. Haimerl’s folksy narrative is filled with strong emotions, steadfast commitment and plenty of humorous interludes. When they purchase the old place they give it the name Matilda and Haimerl paints a lovely picture with words describing Matilda’s transformation into a comfortable and glorious home.