countdown cover image Countdown

by Alan Weisman
Little, Brown & Co.
Hardcover, 528 pages

Ah…denial! That favorite comfort zone of humankind! Weisman makes it hard to stay there with this no-punches-pulled examination of the state and apparent future of our habitat. Overpopulation and overconsumption provide the deadly synergy of this meticulously researched survey of our prospects. In a way it is a “prequel” to his fascinating best seller, The World Without Us, which describes the likely aftermath of the disappearance of homo sapiens from the earth and the fate of the works and detritus that we leave behind. His fieldwork takes us from Palestine to the Great Wall and from Utah to Teheran and beyond where he interviews and travels with experts, activists and the local populace. He got the chops of his reverence for nature here in the Great Lakes region and his hometown of Minneapolis. Compelling. Sobering.