boomerang cover imageBoomerang

by Michael Lewis
W. W. Norton & Company
Hardcover - 224 pages

Do subjects like European sovereign debt, collateralized debt obligations, subprime mortgages and other financial mumbo-jumbo make your eyes glaze over and wish for a copy of Mad Magazine?  Well, in the hands of Michael Lewis (Liar’s Poker; Moneyball; The Big Short; and, The Blind Side) these terms and their consequences around the new European 3rd World come alive and resonate as a part of real life human folly.  Lewis visited Iceland, Ireland, Greece and Germany before whipping back – boomerang style – to where it all began on Wall Street where, as Lewis puts it, its people were “taking what they can, just because they can, without regard for the larger social consequences”.  It’s a beautiful narrative – smooth and exciting – about a story like something out of, well, Mad Magazine!