Blood, Bones & Butter

blood bones and butter cover imageBlood, Bones & Butter

Gabrielle Hamilton
Random House
Paperback, 320 pages

The first thing I wanted to do when I started reading this book was cook - something rich, warming and comforting. I wanted to cook something to share with those I love. Hamilton has a magical ability to make her readers smell and taste the foods she describes. While this is an autobiography of a sometimes troubled soul, it is so much more. Hamilton finds comfort in food. She finds beauty in the relationships formed in a kitchen. She is also honest - brutally honest. There is no hiding the fact that not everything happens as you would like it to in life. This is, of course, illustrated through cooking as well. New York Times reviewer Frank Bruni says it perfectly, "Her timing is perfect, her metaphor clear and her point indisputable. Sometimes pasta and people don't make good on all the hope you have invested in them." If you love food - either cooking it or eating it - you will be drawn in by this book.  (Review by Kristen)