Apostle Islands: From Land and Sea

Apostle islands from land and sea cover image Apostle Islands: From Land and Sea

Craig Blacklock
Apostle Islands Interest
Blacklock Photography Galleries
$8.95 & $34.95

The beauty of our namesake Apostle Islands is legendary. Never before have they been captured with such splendor and intimacy. Craig Blacklock arrives by sea kayak and shoots the spectacular sea caves, pristine beaches, light houses, flora, and fauna in brilliant color prints. There is a succinct introductory page of text and the rest is gorgeous color. There are two versions of the book: the Gallery Edition is 10 x 12 inches and 72 pages - coffee table style; the Souvenir Edition is 6.75 x 8 inches and 48 pages - quick reference style. Craig has simultaneously released a similar pair of books on the Pictured Rocks of the Upper Peninsula - equally beautiful. But, the Apostle Islands are home!