Alibi For Two

alibi for two cover image Alibi for Two

by Augustine Merrill
Parallel Press

It’s always agonizing when someone – perhaps an author, perhaps his daughter- comes into the store and hands us a slim volume of poems and asks us to please add them to our inventory. Usually they are heartfelt, but mostly not very good. Even so, it’s hard to say “sorry, but no."  Sometimes, though, initial skepticism is overcome by the reality of something very special. That is the case with Lee Merrill’s small collection from Parallel Press. Each of his poems is prefaced with a haunting prose piece describing a place, an occurrence or a feeling that has given rise to the poem itself. They touch upon relationship, discord, aging, loneliness, and quiet natural beauty. For our friend Bill Heart he writes of “thoughts so thick they are hoisted on poles." He tells us how his third self lumbers out on to the dock “past the second wife, the first child, the latest dog." This is beautiful work!