Alex McKnight Mystery Series

hamilton series image Alex McKnight Mystery Series

by Steve Hamilton
Midwest Mysteries
Minotaur Books

Let us introduce you to Alex McKnight, the ex-Detroit cop, who is the primary character in Hamilton’s mystery series set in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Alex lives in a cabin his now dead father built just outside the small town of Paradise. With that as the starting point, Hamilton uses his criminally-twisted imagination and the incredibly diverse geography of the Upper Peninsula to keep Alex in really hot water for ten (10) novels. Many of you are yearning for a new Cork O’Connor mystery from Kent Krueger, but unfortunately it will be many months before a new one is published. During these next few months why not ride along with Alex, his friends Jackie, Vinnie and Leon, and experience the series of chaotic messes they are tossed into. Stop in the store and pick one up, or order online. Enjoy the ride, you will not be disappointed.