Across the Great Divide – A Photo Chronicle of the Counterculture

Across the great divide cover imageAcross the Great Divide

Roberta Price
Non Fiction
University of New Mexico Press, 2010
Hardcover - 160 pages

In the late 1960’s and into the 1970’s a serious and significant segment of the counterculture went “back to the land” in the form of communes, collectives and other intentional communities. Roberta Price, at first an academic and observer, was among them. In 1969, under a grant from SUNY-Buffalo she traveled west to southern Colorado and northern New Mexico to study and photograph the emerging scene in and around the Sangre de Cristo mountains – Drop City, New Buffalo, the Reality Construction Company, Libre, the Red Rockers, Triple A, the Hog Farm, Lama Foundation, and others. Long story short – she “went native” living at Libre for seven years! She beautifully captures in image and word the essence of that special time and place (disclosure: I was there). The book is an honest and affectionate account of an often misunderstood, mischaracterized and marginalized phenomenon.