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Apostle Islands BooksellersWe are proud to announce we are now accessible to wheelchairs. Just ask for the portable ramp!

Apostle Islands Booksellers is a full-service, locally-owned, independent bookstore located in Bayfield, Wisconsin on the south shore of Lake Superior. Our collection of books emphasizes the history, cultures, nature, lifestyle, cuisine and activities of our locale – the Apostle Islands, the Chequamegon region, Lake Superior, the Great Lakes, Ojibwe Country and the Northwoods.

We offer carefully selected general fiction and non-fiction titles of interest to residents of Bayfield, Washburn, Ashland and the surrounding communities as well as the many visitors who journey to the unique and spectacular settings of Madeline Island, the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore and the Gaylord A. Nelson National Wilderness Area. We also carry a selection of quality accessories, maps and charts, and gift items with a regional flavor.

You will find us on Rittenhouse Avenue in the heart of historic Bayfield, Wisconsin across from the Big Water Café and Coffee Roasters. Come in and browse. If we don’t have just what you want, we can usually get it for you quickly or find an excellent alternative. Check our Events calendar and join us for author readings, book groups and other events to add a literary dimension to your Bayfield experience.

Poetry Reading with Cindy Hunter Morgan

harborless cover imageWhat: Poetry Reading with Cindy Hunter Morgan 
When: Sunday, June 11th, 3pm (following Blessing of the Fleet) 
Where: Bayfield Maritime Museum, 131 South First Street, Bayfield 

Harborless, a collection of poems informed by Great Lakes shipwrecks, is part history and part reinvention. The poems explore tragic wrecks in rivers and lakes, finding and forming artistic meaning from destruction and death. Each poem begins in a real, historical moment that Cindy Hunter Morgan transforms into an imagined truth. The imaginative element is essential to this work as it provides a previously unseen glimpse into the lives affected by shipwrecks. The poems in Harborless confront the mysteries surrounding the objects that cover the floor of the Great Lakes by both deepening our understanding of the unknown and teaching great empathy for a life most of us will never know.

Most of the poems are titled after the name of a ship, the year of the wreck, and the lake in which the ship met disaster. The book’s time frame spans from wrecks that precede the Civil War to those involving modern ore carriers. Throughout this collection are six "Deckhand" poems, which give face to a fully imagined deckhand and offer a character for the reader to follow, someone who appears and reappears, surfacing even after others have drowned. Who and what is left behind in this collection speaks to finality and death and "things made for dying." Very little is known when a ship sinks other than the obvious: there was a collision, a fire, a storm, or an explosion. Hunter works to fill in these gaps and to keep these stories alive with profound thoughtfulness and insight.

Northern Native Plant Sale

9am – 1pm

Sigurd Olsen Environmental Institute
Northland College
1411 Ellis Avenue South, Ashland

  • Local Native Plant Vendors
  • Master Gardener Sarah Boles
  • Kids Activities
  • Door Prizes

Some of the varieties that may be available: 
Tall Milkweed, Swamp Milkweed, Common Milkweed, Butterfly Weed, Purple Stemmed Aster, Flat Top Aster, Fringed Sedge, Graceful Sedge, Lance leaf Coreopsis, Joe Pyeweed, Common Boneset, Sneezeweed, Ox Eye Sunflower, Northern Blue Flag Iris, Rough Blazing Star, Wild Bergamot, Yellow Coneflower, Black Eyed Susan, Little Bluestem Grass, Prairie Goldenrod (prairie aster), Sol Stiff Goldenrod, Blue Vervain

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